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Are you ready to find your voice?

Are you ready to jumpstart your inner pianist?

Talent can always be developed and under the right guidance you will be able to fully explore your true passion!

My name is Jasmine Daboul and I am a Los Angeles based music teacher. I have a Bachelor's degree in classical vocal performance.

I teach beginning to advance voice. In my voice lessons, you will learn breath support, resonance, range, vibrato, ear training and much more! You will also learn physical and vocal exercises to protect your voice. It is very important to take care of our voices because it is a strong but yet very delicate instrument. You will become a true vocalist!


I also teach beginning to intermediate piano. In my piano lessons, you will learn hand positioning, finger technique, scales, songs, ear training, music theory, and more! It is important to get the basic fundamentals down for any instrument so that you can play any song you want! You will not only become an instrumentalist but a true musician!

If you really want to advance as a singer, you can try my songwriting class where you will learn composition and writing, and we will bring all your talents together. You will learn how to make your own original songs! Maybe they will be on the billboard charts one day!

Start your musical journey with me today!

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Our Services

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